We are living in a digital age.  Once upon a time a photographer was a unique profession. But today, because technology has advanced so much, cameras have become so inexpensive and basic editing can be taught on a YouTube video, everyone and their dog calls themselves a "photographer", and even advertises to the masses that they will shoot your wedding, or come do portrait work etc for you.  So how do you know if someone really is a photographer.  For me, I simply let me work and my passion, and experience speak for me.

I started photography at a very young age with a fluorescent green 110 format camera that I obtained from a Happy Meal.

In 2002 I started to take photography more seriously when I was given the opportunity to become the year book photographer at my high school.  From that time on I have had a passion for photographing people.

In 2006 I started a small business in Ontario.  I started out photographing families and children in my community, soon after was given the opportunity to do my first wedding. From that day on I was hooked.  I discovered how amazing it was to be able to capture peoples most previous moments, and the joy it brought me to be able to help people save those memories forever.

In the Fall of 2012 I decided to move my family back home to the Maritimes, after 7 years away, and we relocated to Prince Edward Island.  I now get the joy and pleasure of persuing my joy and passion of capturing peoples most special moments, and helping them to look their best, with my wife.

My personal photography passions are weddings and abandoned buildings. Though these are two drastically different subjects, its the opportunity to capture the memories that drives him with both.

In my spare time, enjoy playing music, working on computers, and just having fun with my wife and 2 boys.  The arts are big in our family, and our boys are excited about photography and music already, so it's awesome to be able to teach them what I have learned over the years, so that one day, they will far exceed what I have done!