Behind the Lens

A Tribute to the Fallen

This year in the Maritimes, we suffered a big loss, 3 RCMP officers were killed in the line of duty by a man whose name I don't wish to give anymore glory to.  I grew up with a father who was in the RCMP, and the very reality that some night he may not come home, was always in the back of my mind, especially when he worked in undercover.

After the shootings, the maritimes, and Canada in general were up in arms.  It caused me to look back at how blessed we were that my dad came home every night.  As a result, I felt the urge to do a shoot that was a tribute, if you will, to the RCMP.  It's really nothing fancy, and I know that.  My dad still has his uniform (he's retired now) at the house, so I experimented with different aspects of it, and pulled together this shoot.

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Many years ago a similar tragedy happened in Alberta, where 4 officers were killed.  At that time, we hit the studio and recorded a song which was a tribute to those fallen officers.  If you are interested, you can check it out here.