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Back to School Portrait Sale

Back 2 School Session.png

It's that time of year again! Your kids are back in school, and they've had their school portrait done by the hired gun at the school.  You know the ones..Every photo looks the same, all the kids on the same backdrop, with the same smile.  The photographer does his best to make them unique, but really, what can he do.

Thats why at Chris Burke Photography we want to offer you another option for your kids school photos! For one weekend only, you can get our regular outdoor portrait package (which is usually $100) for just $50!! We will take your kids around, and get some great shots of them.  Shots that are unique.  We will get a genuine smile, not a forced one, and you will love your photos!  And guess what.. theres no crazy overpriced photo packages with a bunch of wallet sized photos that you'll never use! For your $50 you get the portrait sitting, and a disk with your photos on it, which you can print as you please, anywhere you want, no watermarks!  Have a good printer at home? Well your prints wont cost you anything! No printer? Just pop down to Superstore, they are super cheap, and great quality, and you print what you need!

Give us a call, drop us an email or hit us up on facebook to book your space today.  Space is limited for the sale, as we are only doing it for 2 days.  We do still have regular portrait packages which are $100 any other day of the week. so if you can't make the sale weekend, you can still get great shots, at a great price!