Kid's and Teens

At Chris Burke Photography we don't mind admitting that we believe we give you some of the best photos you will ever get of your children.  We LOVE kids, because we have 2 children of our own, and we have worked with kids in our day jobs for 20 years combined.

We are able to get some of the best, most natural smiles, and laughs and giggles out of your kids, even teenagers, and it's all because we take the time to introduce ourselves to your kids, and have some fun with them.  We aren't a "come in, sit down and click" studio.  We have lots of toys for the young kids that will keep them smiling, and we tell silly stories and jokes to the older teens, so we can get those natural, non-forced smiles out of your kids.

When you come to our studio you don't feel embarrassed about posing for a photo, because we don't pose you, we try to get natural photos, especially of kids, because theres nothing worse than having kids look like they don't want to be there.

When you are booking for kids, try to let them pick out their clothes, and make sure they aren't tired, and that they are well fed.  When you force your child to wear that silly outfit that nan bought for them, it's a lot harder to get that natural smile.. sure, it won't be that beautiful formal picture you wanted, but it will be a beautiful picture of YOUR kid.. not someone else's kid.

Trust us, we've been doing this for a long time.. we know what we're talking about!

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